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Thank you all very, very much!

For 10 and 1/2 years, I did the Web Wanderer report on KSFO Radio's O'Donnell on Technology radio show.

The KSFO management informed Bob that they have been requested by ABC Corporate to begin airing a new syndicated financial program starting next Saturday, January 13, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. As a result, after 10 1/2 years on the air, we're sorry to say that the Jan 6, 2007 "O'Donnell on Technology" will be the last 3-hour show on KSFO. Stay tuned, however, as there's a possibility that the program may be able to continue at a different time and/or different station. Please check back to Bob's website for updates.

If you'd like to express your opinion on these changes, please e-mail KSFO program director Ken Berry and KGO program director, Jack Swanson. We've provided an easy link to do that by just clicking here. (In case the link won't work for you, the addresses are jack.c.swanson@abc.com and ken.r.berry@abc.com. Please cc: Bob at bob@everythingtechnology.com as well.) You can also leave a message on the KSFO listener comment line at 415-954-7449.

I'd like to thank every listener and contributor who emailed me over the years - both kind notes as well as contributions.

I'm no longer supporting updating the links I've highlighted on the show, but the entire archive is still at http://www.solinas.com/reports. Please book mark it.



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