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The Links for March 29, 1997

Another Listener Picks Edition!

I'd like to thank all the loyal O'Donnell on Computers listeners who send in sites. I get lots of good submissions every week. often too many to feature all of them. What I typically do is save them up for future weeks - for use for special "theme" editions.

I consider this week a "theme week" as well. All these sites are extremely useful sites. I think you will use the first site often, the second site when you need it badly, and the third once and check it often.

Soft Help
Listener David sent in this one, and it's a GREAT site which will benefit lots of other listeners for a very long time. Soft Help has device drivers. Bunches of them. Old and new. Got an old, obsolete sound card you need drivers for? This is the site.

Also available is anti-virus files and information, technical information and files for Win 95 and Win NT, and HTML stuff (backgrounds, icons, editors, scripts and forms, etc.) This is a KILLER site you'll get lots of use out of.

Thanks a lot for this one, David!!

Menus Online
Listener Dudley spotted this one. Dudley is finding some nice sites - he's the guy who found the National Weather Service site I featured on March 1, 1997.

Menus Online is a site which contains exactly what you'd expect. Menus. Online. The initial screen mentions major cities, including San Francisco. If you follow the San Francisco link, you find several nearby areas - the Wine Country, Marin, South Bay, East Bay, South of the City, etc. San Francisco itself is broken up into several regions. Also, you can search by Location, Cuisine, Amenities, etc.

Besides just featuring the menu itself, you get information for each restaurant regarding what credit cards they take, hours of operation, whether reservations are suggested, price range, etc. This is a very, very nice site - especially if you are traveling to an area, and want to pick out a restaurant in advance.

Web Tracker
I've finally added a counter to my main web page (http://www.solinas.com). It met all my criteria for use here on solinas.com - it needed to be simple to implement, quick to get running, and reasonably accurate (as accurate as your typical counter is). It had the very nice feature of tracking interesting statistics as well. And it's free.

If you click on the little counter button on the bottom of the page, you will see a Statistics page. At the time of this writing, the counter was in place 3.3 days, logged 176 total accesses for an average of 54 hits a day. 82% were One TIme visitors, 75% of the visitors use Netscape (only 22% use IE), and 70% are Windows 95 users. That's my summary of the statistics - you can find out how many use Macs, etc.

From that statistics page, you can find information on how to set up your own Web Tracker counter, or click HERE to contact them directly.

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