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The Links for April 19, 1997

Mac Fix It
Macfixit was submitted by Dave M, who calls it "one of the most useful mac pages known to man". He's probably right.! MacFixIt provides "Troubleshooting Solutions for the Macintosh."

It's always a good sign when the "late breaking news" is only a day or two old. Reviewing the archives shows updates almost daily. Very good. Mac fans will spend HOURS browsing the late breakers for information on updates, software incompatibilities, conflicts, discussions of soon-to-be-released software, etc.

Also of major interest - the software library. This site has a ton of trouble-shooting software and utilities or the Mac. You're sure to find what you need here. You'll find a lot of trouble-shooting reports as well. Not sure where to look? The site also has a local search engine.

Thanks, Dave, for sharing this one! This site is a "must visit" site for Mac users!!!

The Daily Mac OS Info Page
Dave M. submitted this site as well. It's a site with up-to-date Mac news. Today on the show, Bob told us about price cuts for Performas and Powerbooks. I was pleased to find the same current information on this site.

Well worth a look for Mac users. I'd give it a daily check - info is current, good, and the site is well laid out and simple to skim or read.

Thanks again, David!

Cool Nerds
Listener Joseph submitted this "Webhead's Wonderland." It is!

It's a great resource for authoring web pages, both as a source for art, sound files, etc and instructions on how to use them in a web page. For example - the area on MIDI contains files for your to play, plus instructions on how to make midi files play in the background while a page is viewed.

The site has lots to offer web page authors. There's good software links here as well. If you want to create an image map, and want some software to speed up the process, this is the site to check.

It's small, but extensive. I mean, you aren't buried in information, but what is there is useful and should be more than most web authors will ever need.

I really like this site. People who have been to Disneyland as children will LOVE it. Werner Weiss, the site creator, has really created a wonderful site here.

Yesterland is a fond look backward at Disneyland - highlighting attractions and stores which no longer exist. Werner discusses the reason for the site in the FAQ: "It began as my tribute to the 40th anniversary of Disneyland park in 1995. I've visited Disneyland regularly since 1957 -- two years after it opened -- so I've seen many changes. Disneyland is better now than it ever was, but I fondly remember many elements of Disneyland that are no longer around."

Each "attraction" in Yesterland is a page containing a photo (where possible), an often "official sounding" description, plus comments on the history of the attraction, what is was near, what now stands at that site, etc.

There is a section called "The A-B-C's of Tickets" that described the old ticket books: how many tickets the books contained, what tickets were good for which rides, etc.

Be sure to check out the "Yester Memories" pages, where site visitors add tell their memories of Disneyland attractions of days gone by. You'll read short posts by people who worked at Disneyland, people who met Walt, etc.

If you visited Disneyland as a kid, you'll love this site. Even if you didn't, you'll have a great time here. I grew up in New Jersey, so my park memories as a kid are of Palisades Amusement Park. Still - I think this site is worth an "E ticket."

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