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The Links for January 3, 1998

Acronym Finder
Taxi Mike found this one. It's a "must bookmark" site for deciphering the jargon you meet both in computer talk, and in normal life.

The interface is simple to use - you type in the word - like "bios", "DESC", or "MASH", and you get an explanation of what the acronym means. If there are multiple common phrases, multiple results are listed.

It's impressive and fast. My searches checked 43,421 records. It's updated a few times a month. If you DON'T find your acronym on the site, but find it somewhere else, be sure to go back to Acronym Finder - they allow users to enter new acronyms to be included in the next update.

In testing the site, Taxi Mike found that if a search fails, Acronym Finder suggests you try checking on OneLook Dictionaries, which itself is very, very cool. So - I'll review that one next.

OneLook Dictionaries
Taxi Mike and I found this one performs a little better.

"SFO" was not recognized at "San Francisco" on Acronym Finder, but OneLook found it using special technical dictionaries - Aviation, and Pilot/Controller Glossary. This is cool - other dictionaries are searched, as appropriate. For example - "KISS" yielded results from special dictionaries from Business, Computer/Internet, and Religion.

You don't get the detailed results, but links to the other dictionaries.

A big thanks to Taxi Mike for these two Acronym/Dictionary sites.

Rogers Group Inc. - Calculators and Maps
Listener RD of San Jose says this site is a "fantastic site for the curious and a literal cornucopia of information!! I spend hours on this site!"

Quite a recommendation. I checked out the site, and was floored. There seems to be EVERYTHING here - stuff I'd never thought of. Tires and Wheels has links for a Goodyear tire size selector, and a calculator for how to adjust your odometer and speedometer when changing tire sizes. The Goodyear tire selector asked my preferences for wet traction, snow traction, handling, price, etc.

There were calculators to calculate your results from playing Blackjack, a Phone spell checkers to figure out what your phone number spells, menu analysis - you name it!

Easy worth hours of play, or a great site if you need to research something. I'll also be spending hours here.

This is a great site, RD, thanks!

Capitol Advantage - Congress At Your Fingertips
Listener "Leatherhead" sent in this site for the politically aware.

The best thing on this site is the ability to reviewing the voting history of your congressmen. You can view results by person to see their history, or review the results on a given bill. Search by name, result or subject.

The site is "hosted" by C-Span, so there's a lot of C-Span programming information available as well.

I'll be sure to check this site before the next election. It's very, very useful.

Thanks, Leatherhead, for this find!

The Virtual Doctor's Computing Resource
Nerdly sent this in. It's not Medical advice - but technical help for computers.

The most outstanding feature is the forums. It's a great resource for people with common computer questions. Browsing the archives of the forums will teach you a lot, and you'll probably find your answers there.

You can download software for all of the major operating systems 95, 3.1, NT, Mac, Unix, Dos, and OS2. The software stuff isn't the most impressive - there are DOZENS of software sites out there. Still - it does the job.

There are some great tutorials on a variety of topics - clearing up hard disk clutter, setting up networking for Win95, booting 95 and 3.1, etc. Good stuff.

Also available for download are operating system updates for Windows 95 and NT - more are coming. This is cool. Just yesterday, I was talking with my good friend Jeff about his hassles getting the ISDN Accelerator pack (which Bob often recommends) from the Microsoft site. He got annoyed at the detail of personal information being requested by Microsoft. On Virtual Doctor, you click the link and get the software. No complicated searches through the Microsoft site, no annoying surveys - just the file you want. All the major service packs, kernal updates, etc are there.

Yet another find Nerdly find. Thanks, Nerdly!

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